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အလုပ် အချက်အလက်များ

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အလုပ်အကြောင်း ဖော်ပြချက်

We need 10 adv photos with 300px * 225px

  1. Healthy Weight Loss Plan
  2. Weight Gain Plan
  3. Diabetes Meal Plan
  4. Hypertension Meal Plan
  5. Gluten-Free Plan
  6. Rejuvenation Plan
  7. Wedding Diet Plan
  8. Back In Shape Plan
  9. Share Your Love Plan
  10. Customized Meal Plan

and 10-20 food photos HD that are related to the previous photos to use at

  • Every photos must be lower than 10 MB.
  • Every photos must not be same with any of local business.
  • Color and design is your decision.
  • Every food photos must be seen clearly and in the same size.
  • Adv photos must be only 300px * 225px.
  • Adv designs should be creative.
  • If you got 5 stars from us, we'll use you for further projects.
  • Don't just copy & paste.
  • Please sent 1 sample photo for this project with proposal. We won't us without buying.
လိုအပ်သော အတတ်ပညာများ -
Food Photography

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