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Writing  - Article & Blog Writing

For Her Myanmar is looking for writers for her website. Responsabilities : - Write original articles (in Myanmar) about general feminine topics : gender issues, psychology, career, health, beauty...- Be able to find good local stories, assist press conference...

Reference Id - AA-0350    
Budget  - 5000-3000 MMK    
Close Date  - 30-Sep-2017    
Skills Required :
Blog Writing

Admin Support  - Assistant

- Admin Support ကောင်းကောင်းလုပ်ပေးနိုင်သူ ဖြစ်ရမည် ....- Excel သုံးတတ်ရမည် ...- Accounting knowledge ရှိသူဖြစ်ရမည်...- တပတ် နှစ်ရက် လုပ်ပေးရမည် ...

Reference Id - AA-0349    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 14-Jun-2017    
Skills Required :

Other  - Local Expert

မြစ်ကြီးနား, လွိုင်ကော်, ထားဝယ်, ဟားခါး မြို့များတွင် နေထိုင်သူများအတွက် အချိန်ပိုင်းအလုပ်ပါကိုယ့်မြို့မှာပဲ ဖုန်းတလုံးရှိရုံနဲ့ app ထည့်ပြီးတော့ အလုပ်လုပ်နိုင်တယ်

Reference Id - AA-0347    
Budget  - 200-300 MMK    
Close Date  - 16-Jun-2017    
Skills Required :

Translation  - General Translation

We are looking for a chinese translator who could translate media related Burmese English contents into Chinese.  We're going to need someone who is going to be available Monday to Friday, each day in the morning around...

Reference Id - AA-0346    
Budget  - 4-5 USD    
Close Date  - 31-May-2017    
Skills Required :
Chinese (Hong Kong)

Marketing  - Digital Marketing

Just call and make appointments with 2-3 potential customers per day for "mobile payslip" mobile application in Yangon. 2,000 kyat/apptment. 2,000/4,000 kyat bonus for customers above 50/100 employees. Incentive trip to BKK when 1,000 or Singapore when 2,000 employees sign up.

Reference Id - AA-0339    
Budget  - 120000-150000 MMK    
Close Date  - 31-May-2017    
Skills Required :
Customer Support

Web, Mobile & Software  - Web Development

Job Description Support and enhance PHP based backend  Strong PHP and MySQL Proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScriptPHP developers usually develop back-end components, connect the application with...

Reference Id - AA-0325    
Budget  - 150000-200000 MMK    
Close Date  - 31-May-2017    
Skills Required :

Other  - Other

Reference Id - AA-0321    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 10-May-2017    
Skills Required :
Audio Mixing

Web, Mobile & Software  - Mobile Development

We are looking for someone who can develop the mobile Android applications for E-wallet system.

Reference Id - AA-0320    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 15-Jun-2017    
Skills Required :

Web, Mobile & Software  - Web Development

We are looking for someone who have strong technical knowledge of SEO to make our web page to be on the first page of the Google search engine.We will provide a checklist of things that need to be done.

Reference Id - AA-0318    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 30-Apr-2017    
Skills Required :

Web, Mobile & Software  - Web Development

We are looking for developer who could build a web app using Ionic for website, android and iOS.Proposed FeaturesRegistration with 2 tiers - Free & PremiumOnline Payment (MPU, Master & Visa)Listing & SearchingInformation deta...

Reference Id - AA-0309    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 28-Apr-2017    
Skills Required :