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Writing  - Content Writing

We are seeking for a job position per assignment base with six month contract.Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content in Myanmar Language. Create a regular publishing schedule. Implement a content editorial calen...

Reference Id - AA-0258    
Budget  - 80000-100000 MMK    
Close Date  - 31-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Photo Editing
Microsoft Office

Marketing  - Digital Marketing တွင် Product Order ကောက်ပေးရန်အတွက် Part Time Sale Person အယောက် ( 20 ) အမြန်အလိုရှိသည် ..... Training ပေးမည် ....ကြိုးစားရင် ကြိုးစားသလောက် ရနိုင်သည်  ......

Reference Id - AA-0253    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 07-Apr-2017    
Skills Required :

Web, Mobile & Software  - Mobile Development

We are looking for someone who can develop the information showing android app with a little user action such as SMS pop up. If you are interested in the project, please kindly send email to or please call to +xxxx. Thank you.

Reference Id - AA-0250    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 02-May-2017    
Skills Required :

Design & Creative  - Logo Design & Branding

We are looking for a designer and forward to create a packaging design for import products.

Reference Id - AA-0248    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 25-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Basic Computing

Writing  - Content Writing

ချိတ်ဆက် Facebook Page အတွက် post လန်းလန်းလေးတွေ ရေးပေးနိုင်သူရှာနေပါတယ်။၁ လ တွင် ၁၀ ပုဒ်:_article ၄ ပုဒ် (၁ ပတ် ၁ ပုဒ်)Promotion နဲ့ Ads တွေ အတွက် 6 Posts မှတ်ချက် : Post တိုင်း အတွက် သင့်တော်မဲ့ ပုံတွေပါ ရှာပေးရန်။

Reference Id - AA-0246    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 20-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Content Writing
Blog Writing

Marketing  - Direct Marketing

We are looking for someone with a marketing and sales background, fluent in English and computer skills.  Candidate should be able to market education services for students interested to study abroad.Organise seminars in Yangon and Mandalay, and support digital marketing campaigns as...

Reference Id - AA-0244    
Budget  - 300-400 USD    
Close Date  - 24-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Basic Computing
English (UK)
English (US)

IT & Networking  - Network & System Administration

ကျွန်တော်တို့ ရုံးမှာ IP Camera အသစ်တွေ ရှိတယ် ဖြစ်ချင်တာက Camera ရယ် Router ရယ် NVR ရယ်ချိတ်ချင်တယ်သဘောတရားသိပေမယ့်အချိန်မရှိလို့လုပ်မအားဘူးဖြစ်နေတယ် အဲတာကိုချိတ်ပြပေးပါ နောက် ရုံးဝန်ထမ်းတွေ သင်ပေးပါလိုအပ်တဲ့ ပစ္စည်းတွေ အကုန်ရှိတယ်ဗျာ Router အသစ် ၂ မျိုး ရယ် နောက် CCTV အသစ...

Reference Id - AA-0240    
Budget  - 50000-100000 MMK    
Close Date  - 16-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Wireless Network Implementation

Design & Creative  - Animation

We are looking for someone to create an animation that helps describe abd promote our product.

Reference Id - AA-0235    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 17-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Video Production

Marketing  - Digital Marketing

Please see the attached file

Reference Id - AA-0230    
Budget  - 120000-150000 MMK    
Close Date  - 15-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :
Internet & Email

Design & Creative  - Graphic Design

Remake an existing design for a soap container and edit some contents of the design. 

Reference Id - AA-0227    
Budget  - 30000-50000 MMK    
Close Date  - 29-Mar-2017    
Skills Required :