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Translation & Interpretation  - Simultaneous Interpretation

Italy Interpreter ဇူလိုင်လ (23 ၊ 24 ၊ 25) ရက်အတွက် အမြန်  လိုရှိပါသည်။ Hair Care နှင့် ပက်သက်သော ဗဟုသုတရှိသူ Presentable ဖြစ်သူ Hair Workshop တစ်ခုအတွက် လိုအပ်ခြင်းဖြစ်ပါသည်။ 

Reference Id - AA-1384    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 23-Jul-2018    

Translation & Interpretation  - General Translation

Listening Japanese and translate it to Burmese subscription. Requwired to work with video editor to put subscription on the video. Japanese language skill N2 above. More than 3 years translation experience. 

Reference Id - AA-1374    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 29-Jul-2018    

Translation & Interpretation  - General Translation

We are seeking in-person translation assistance during rural field visits on 1 June 2018. Activities will include interviewing community members and store owners in Burmese and translating responses to English. 

Reference Id - AA-1160    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 01-Jun-2018