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စုစုပေါင်း "2" projects တွေ့ပါသည်။...
Admin Support  - Data Entry

We are looking for someone who can help us find out the GPS location of 200 markets across the country. All those GPS locations to be categorized accordingly and upload to Facebook dashboard. The person has to be able to - find locations on Google Map- Ensure the da...

ရည်ညွှန်းအိုင်ဒီ - AA-0729    
ငွေပမာဏ  - 100000-150000 MMK    
ဖောင်ပိတ်မည့်နေ့  - 19-Feb-2018    
လိုအပ်သော အတတ်ပညာများ :

Sales & Marketing  - Online Marketing

We are currently looking for Online MarketingExecutive as a team member of Online Sales & Marketing Team in charge ofimproving sales, marketing, creating content, improving web traffic andimproving social media followings....

ရည်ညွှန်းအိုင်ဒီ - AA-0697    
ငွေပမာဏ  - 120000-150000 MMK    
ဖောင်ပိတ်မည့်နေ့  - 08-Feb-2018