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CEO's Message for Chate Sat 3 years birthday

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Today marks the 3rd birthday of Technoholic.

It feels just like yesterday and I vividly remember the day I and Shwe Yee moved in to Phandeeyar to kick off our startup idea of gig economy.

3 years ago, when I was asked why I left my 9-6 job to do a startup, I would say that it's just because of the excitement - ups and downs that you experience in a startup business. Today, I asked myself the same question and surprisingly, the answer is the same. Everyday is a new day with a new problem to handle and it's never ending. The experience of learning on the go aka building a plane while you're on your way down after jumping off a cliff has become something that I wake up for every morning.

During these 1,095 days, we were hustling and hacking nonstop while of course, being confused with doubts, depressed like there's no tomorrow, arguing over own's perspectives. The journey surely was not a smooth silk road but we've managed to go 3-years strong and I'm super proud of this.

Today is also an opportunity to reflect on our activities, recollect the memories and to cherish them. With the vision of designing collaborative marketplace beyond limits between freelancers and businesses, our team members have equally contributed to making this day possible.

Over the three years, Chate Sat has undergone massive changes in business as well as technology as we believe in lean methodology of Build-Measure-Learn. I could not be able to mention the iterations we made here which would take another 3 good paragraphs. The thing is, all these hard work would not be possible with just the two of us. We have had our team who were, are and will always be our intellectual assets that have always stood our side. I'm lucky to have such a fantastic team of dedicated employees and I've always tried my best to offer my employees with flexible work culture and atmosphere where there's room for the team to grow along with the business.

Started from 2, now with 17 core members and tens of thousands of freelancers and clients behind us.

Here's to another amazing year of "survival of the fittest".

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