Let's earn money while playing games!
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1 month

25 Oct 2021

300000 - 500000 MMK

Job description

Let's earn money while playing games!

*** No need for special skills or tools
*** University graduation or major doesn't matter
***Due to the nature of the work, you must have a PC or Laptop
***English skills are essential for business communication.

Design a conference room and square in the game.
Game Name: ZEPETO

>>We are recruiting 3D World builder for Metaverse.

>>If you finish work quickly and the inspection is over, the work period ends sooner.

Meta-verse is a kind of a game.
Famous Meta-Verse include Minecraft, Gather Town, and Roblox.

----Job description----

step 1. Provide an explanation for the Meta-verse (zoom)

Step 2. Explain how to create a  Meta-verse.

Step 3. Create a map in the Meta-Verse. (**30% payment)

Step 4. Inspection and detailed design work. (**70% payment)

Don't feel pressured and try it!

Required Skills

3D Design

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