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23 May 2021

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I run a small Singapore-based consultancy focused on helping organisations operate ethically and sustainably. 

In the past, I have worked extensively in Myanmar, particularly with organisations wanting to operate cleanly (avoid corruption, human rights issues, and alike). 

These organisations, and others, are now asking the same questions:

What CAN we do in Myanmar?
What can we buy from Myanmar ethically (e.g., not aiding the military)?
What do people in Myanmar need from us?

We read news about some companies ceasing operations (Kirin, oil & gas majors), and some are continuing to operate (Total, telecoms companies). It's a confusing picture for people who want to do the right thing: support the people, not the military. 

I'm involved in is a Podcast we're starting. I want to find a freelancer who understands issues like governance, risk, and compliance and can speak about the current situation. There are many international political commentators, but I would like to talk to the people living in Myanmar about the daily realities. 

If this sounds of interest, please let me know. 

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