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09 Dec 2021

Negotiatable ( MMK )

Job description

Objective : to develop a Website as a booking platform.

Site Menus : Home, About Us, Pharmaceutical Delivery, Home Service, Login/Your Account.
Site Menu Descriptions
Home - A simple page showing some of our existing promotions, details on our clinics and two tabs (pharmaceutical delivery booking tab and home service booking tab) displayed.
About Us – Page showing details about our business, mission, vision and values.
Pharmaceutical Delivery – Products Collated into different categories. Customers pressing each product can view the details of the product, price, etc. (No need for integration with our inventory software).
Home Service – Different services displayed with tabs. Each tab leads to a registration form.
Log In/ Your Account – All orders are to be managed through unique accounts. All accounts to be registered via phone (This is our main focus), instead of email. Your account page will display the ongoing and past orders.

Timeline : Desires to complete within 2 months. If the timeline is too tight, please suggest to me a suitable timeline.

Languages : Burmese and English

Notes : We have already developed a draft design and we can provide the exact content as well. Our main focus of the project will be registration and maintaining the user details via phone numbers.
Admin should be able to adjust the content of the website. For each page, we should be able to edit the content as we expand further, to change the medicines list, services included, etc.

Required Skills

responsive design

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