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  -   30,000-50,000 MMK  
Budget Type
  -  Fixed  
Project Duration
  -  3Weeks  

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  -  2  
  -   No  
Closing Date
  -  08-Dec-2018  

Job Description

We are working on new product launch. Looking for creative content writer to supply the required contents for each of our Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Blogs campaign. 

Each campaign will have different themes by our strategy.

The product will be disclosed once hired.

Content writer will be assigned for our required topics and specification for each posts.

Ideally, the content writer must have following qualification and requirement,

  1. The writing should be in English and the audience are Majority of US population
  2. US English fluency writing is must with appropriate terminology and register
  3. if able to show proven track of previous articles if preferable
  4. The content writer must research for assigned topics so must be good in researching for references to build up the assigned articles
  5. Creative writing rather than copy and translate the original articles, must respect the Intellectual properties and plagiarism
  6. must kept confidentiality of the projects and be professional while disclosing the projects and the products, we take serious action on this.
  7. Each post must be minimum of 400 words. 
  8. must meet the deadlines
Required Skills -
Writing skills
Creative Writing
Social Media Literacy
Web Content

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