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Photographs of BetelNut sellers and chewers
Category : Education & Tutoring 
   AA-0271     -  Online   Posted 7 months ago

Project Details

  -   Negotiate (MMK)  
Project Duration
  -  3Days  
Budget Type
  -  Fixed  

Total freelancers
  -  1  
  -   No  
Close Date
  -  03-Apr-2017  

Job Description


1.       Betel Nut chewers

a.       Photos of people CHEWING betel nut. Preferable with bad teeth

                                                               i.      Taxi drivers

                                                             ii.      Bus drivers

                                                            iii.      Higher income chewers…

b.       Photos of people buying Betel Nut. Preferable with bad teeth

2.       Betel Nut Sellers

a.       Photos of different Betel Nut shops…the more interesting the better. Nice picture from downtown and from more rural area as well 

b.       Photos of betel nut seller preparing betel nuts. 

3.       Photos of the product = Betel Nut… taken in Vet Market where they sell in bulk…

a.       Photos of Areca Nut…

                                                               i.      Areca Nuts in Bags

                                                             ii.      Areca Nut cut in pieces

b.       Photos of Betel Leafs

                                                               i.      Betel Leaf in big basket

                                                             ii.      Betel leafs bought buy betel nut seller in plastic bag…

some 40 pictures which had been clean up...

Skills Required -



Employer Info
Food & Beverage Company


Computer Software/Hardware Mantainence Data Entry Other
  -  50000 MMK 
  -   3 Days  

Graphic Design & Branding
  -  50000 MMK 
  -   2 Days  

General Translation Medical Translation Technical Translation
  -  150000 MMK 
  -   3 Days  

Education & Tutoring
  -  30000 MMK 
  -   2 Days  

Graphic Design & Branding Photography Layout Design
  -  10000 MMK 
  -   1 Hour