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EuroChamMyanmar is a project funded and endorsed by the European Union. Its mission isto promote the development of trade, commerce and investment between Europe andMyanmar, and to assist European companies, in particular SMEs, in doingbusiness in Myanmar.  

As thenumber of businesses operating in Myanmar increases, so too has the interest inCorporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) practices as businesses seek tointegrate CSR into their core business values, with an emphasis onsustainability and responsibility.

In that sense, EuroCham Myanmar launched the ResponsibleBusiness Initiative (RBI) in 2018 to shine a light on the companies havingput in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical, humanrights and consumer concerns into their business operations and core strategyin close collaboration with their stakeholders.

The RBI aimsto highlight those good practices in Myanmar and to create a platformwhereby all stakeholders can engage with EuroCham members on best Corporate andSocial Responsibility practices. 

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