Image Retoucher for photos or other digital images
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Job description

Photo retouching involves using advanced computer imaging software to change the appearance of a photo or other digital image.There are a number of different changes that a photo retoucher can make to these images with this type of software. Sharpening images or causing them to become blurry are two of the most common ways to retouch a photo.Hiding blemishes, like pimples and scars, is another common way to alter a photo. In some cases, a photo retoucher might also need to retouch all or most of a subject’s skin in order to give it a smoother or more youthful appearance.Some photo retouchers may also be called upon to make a photograph subject appear slimmer. This may be required on certain parts of the face or body, such as the chin or legs, or it may be required on a subject’s entire body.At times, it can be difficult to get a photograph of a subject in a particular background. In these cases, a photo retoucher can often remove a subject from an image and, using layers, superimpose them on a different background.After all necessary changes have been made to an image, a photo retoucher might also be responsible for printing it. This generally requires the use of a high quality printer, along with photo paper. When printing the photos, refinishers need to ensure that the properties of the image remain optimal for printing.

Key Tasks:

Prepare Key Visuals for client approval based on Creative Direction and sketches

Prepare final artwork for very large sizes such as bus and billboard

Required Skills -
3D Design
Photo Editing
Photo Retouching


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