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Mobile apps - Android and iOS
Category : Mobile Development 
   AA-0380     -  Online   Posted 3 months ago
Project Details

  -   Negotiate (MMK)  
Budget Type
  -  Fixed  
Project Duration
  -  1Month  

Total freelancers
  -  1  
  -   Yes  
Close Date
  -  10-Jul-2017  

Job Description

Hi there,

I\'m looking for someone who can help me to finishing the develop both android and iOS app for my website, this project will be a daily deals based project and all of the functionality have to be refer to my website. Both website and mobile apps will be using same database (mysql) and you needed to integrated with website via API or some other method. 

All of the backend platform is ready as the website functionality is ready. This mobile apps is just needed to connected, pulling and pushing information back to website platform.

Our website is using magento tools and all you needed is try to under as how its integration between mobile apps and webservices.

We are needed a very simple content and below is the most needed content:

1) login/create account

2) view deals, categories deals

a) loading pictures

b) clocking time, dateline

c) numbers of purchased

3) account details

a) customer info edit change

b) purchase history, invoice, coupon code, serial number, amount purchase (possible with PDF or small view)

4) add shopping cart, check out, payment

a) payment integrate ready. At this moment we are only using Cash on Delivery (COD)

As attached is the apk that developed and we would needed someone to continue for us.

Also, please do give me a best price as we are looking for someone who can help.

Skills Required -
UI/UX Design

Attachment File

Web Development Mobile Development
  -  550,000MMK 
  -   1 Month  

Mobile Development
  -  1,500,000MMK 
  -   1 Hour  

Mobile Development Web & Mobile Design
  -  1,200,000MMK 
  -   1 Month  

Mobile Development
  -  2,500,000MMK 
  -   1 Month  

Mobile Development
  -  250,000MMK 
  -   1 Month  

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