Wordpress - Adding Dynamic Href Lang Tag to 10 Country sites (URGENT)
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Job description

We like your help to implement hreflang code to every page.

- The code in the attached file will be good for the homepage, and can be replicated across all countries & languages. e.g. view-source:https://www.apple.com/

(As we have multiple versions of a page for different languages or regions, we are doing this so Google can point users to the most appropriate version of our page by language or region.)

- We got to do this "programmatically", for all the different URLs / pages.

Below are the logic to be implemented on


Save Post ()

  • WP Save the Post (WP)
  • Get saved Post's ID and Slug (our function)
  • check saved slug is exist or not in Job Tabel
  • if haven't, create new row in Job Tabel to get new jobID
  • after we got JobID, will save to our main tabel (JobID, PostID, Slug, Permalink, CountryCode, LanguageCode)
    so JobID will be unique key for all countries

Edit Post ()

  • After WP edited the post, we'll get updated Slug (if user updated post title or mannually updated the slug) and PostID
  • check if updated slug is already exist inside the Job Table
  • if updated Slug is exist -> exit();
  • if updated Slug is not exist -> will update (Slug, Permalink) in main tabel index with (PostID, CountryCode)

Delete Post ()

  • After WP Deleted the post, we will get the PostID
  • will delete the row from main tabel by indexing with (PostID, CountryCode)

Rendering proccess on Page Load, inside the country sites header

  • Get Post/Page ID
  • Select main tabel with PostID, CountryCode to get JobID
  • Select rows with previous queried JobID
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