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Design & Creative  - Video/Film Making & Editing

3မိနစ်စာ Video တစ်ခုစာအတွက် Video Short Film/Video Maker အလိုရှိသည်။Indoor & Outdoor နှစ်ခုထဲကတစ်ခုခုဖြစ်မည်။နှစ်ခုစလုံးလဲဖြစ်မည်။Camera Shoot &  Edit လုပ်ပေးနိုင်ရမည်။

Reference Id - AA-0595    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 28-Nov-2017    

Writing  - Content Writing

  မင်္ဂလာပါ    မိမိတို့ Co.,Ltd .မှာ International Trading Co.,Ltd. တစ်ခုဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ Business Unit 3ခုရှိပါတယ်။ Agricultural Business Unit, Power Solution Business Unit, Tire Business Unit တို့ဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ ထို Business Unit များအတွက် Social Media တစ်ခုဖြစ်တဲ့ Facebook ကိုအသု...

Reference Id - AA-0593    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 27-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :

Web, Mobile & Software  - Mobile Development

Product SearchingProdcut Listing by CategoryPromotions by CategoryProduct DetailMulti ShopAdd to card/Buy nowPayment with MPU

Reference Id - AA-0589    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 26-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :

Translation  - General Translation

We are looking for who can translate Malaysian Language to Myanmar Language for our client (Pesticide Company). The candidate must be able to understand the chemical terms since the translated burmese version will be featured on the label of the products. ( We are concerned about the...

Reference Id - AA-0576    
Budget  - 6500-10000 MMK    
Close Date  - 11-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :

Translation  - Medical Translation

We are looking for an interpreter who can provide excellent interpretation service (English-Myanmar) for 2 days in December. Details as below.Project Details: Recce visit before organizing a health seminar on managing infect...

Reference Id - AA-0572    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 23-Nov-2017    

Design & Creative  - Video/Film Making & Editing

We would like to create an attractive video for our company to highlight the profile, showcase the key infoand its services. 

Reference Id - AA-0571    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 16-Nov-2017    

Design & Creative  - Layout Design

We are looking for layout designer who could design creative and attractive PowerPoint slide design for introducing our new product. There will be around 12-15 slides in total. 

Reference Id - AA-0570    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 12-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :

Design & Creative  - Pattern

Design ဆွဲပေးထားသော အကျီ င်္ပုံစံကို Pattern ဆွဲပေးရမည် ....

Reference Id - AA-0569    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
Close Date  - 25-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :

Writing  - Academic/Business Writing

·        Develop content material for a sales team in the Telecoms industry in English and Burmese

Reference Id - AA-0566    
Budget  - 9000-10000 USD    
Close Date  - 30-Jun-2018    
Skills Required :

Web, Mobile & Software  - Web Development

Hotel တစ်ခုအတွက် အသုံးပြုရန် ရွေးချယ်ထားသော WordPress Theme တစ်ခုအတွက် လိုအပ်သော Plugin တစ်ခုရေးဆွဲပေးရန်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ ဟိုတယ်၏ ဝန်ဆောင်မှူကို ရယူရာတွင် ငွေပေးချေမှု အတွက် ဖေါ်ပြပေးသော Plugin ဖြစ်ပါသည်။

Reference Id - AA-0561    
Budget  - 100000-100000 MMK    
Close Date  - 08-Nov-2017    
Skills Required :