Total Open Projects: 2
Translation & Interpretation  - General Translation

We are looking for someone who can translate Video clip voice over in English to Myanmar by listening the video clip. The clip is 33 mins long. Voice over is just talking about how to do body movement for YOGA. 

Reference ID - AA-2814    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
 - 11 days, 7 hours Left    
Required skills :

"7" freelancers applied this project.

Writing  - Content Writing

We are looking for someone who can write at least 5 web contents for bus ticket website, hotel booking website and flight ticket website website.You need to have destination knowledge, creative writing skills and also need to be informative. 

Reference ID - AA-2800    
Budget  - 100000-100000 MMK    
 - 6 days, 10 hours Left    

"23" freelancers applied this project.