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Writing  - Content Writing

Web Content Writing in English for Travel Information, Travel Blog and Travel Program with the supervision from Tour Operator.The tour programs and basic information are already in hand. Content writer needs to innovate or create more content based on the existing information. Tour Operato...

Reference ID - AA-2822    
Budget  - Negotiate(MMK)    
 - 9 days, 4 hours Left    

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Translation & Interpretation  - General Translation

Need to have a functioning laptop with an access to internet. You will be working with an assigned user ID and password at an online portal. Assignments will be daily.To be qualified:1) Take the test of around 100 words (You need to translate English into Shan).2) Be availabl...

Reference ID - AA-2815    
Budget  - 10000-12500 MMK    
 - 5 days, 5 hours Left    
Required skills :

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Writing  - Content Writing


Reference ID - AA-2518    
Budget  - 50000-10000 MMK    
 - 10 days, 9 hours Left    
Required skills :

"1" freelancer applied this project.